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Before I go into talking about the pros and cons of these two practices, we must define that cybersex refers to the practice of online sex , so that a sexual relationship is simulated. If we have to look at the statistics, studies show that the majority of people admit to having done it, but they claim to do it with their stable partner , and that they mostly use text , then audios and finally videos .

On the other hand, sexting consists of the exchange of text messages that have a sexual connotation . Currently, this practice exceeds cybersex since it prevailed with the appearance of webcams.

Next I am going to present the advantages of these two practices. First of all, they allow the development of imagination and creativity . In addition, they are easily accessible (24 hours) and it is not necessary to have a partner to be able to use it. In relation to the couple, they can also be useful to enrich it and be a good alternative for those long distance relationships .

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